Taiwan, Southern Region

“Where words leave off, music begins.”

--Heinrich Heine

Regional Director: Fiona Wu
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Yi-Chen Sie
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Pei-Ling Lu
Shu-Ming Hu

News and Events

Upcoming Events!

June 26, 2018 Shih Men Elementary School: 15:00-16:00

Thank you Principal Guo for having us at Shih Men Elementary School, it was so much fun!  The kids were very concentrated while we’re performing, and one thing that really surprised us was the one kid who gave the right answer of the hardest question!! This tells us not to underestimate the potential and talent of every single kid.  謝謝郭校長安排讓我們能夠到石門國小演出,小朋友各個都很乖,表演的時候幾乎很少講話,每個都非常認真地聽我們表演!很驚訝其中一個小朋友居然答對了最難的問題!

June 26, 2018 Taiwan Municipal West Central District Jinsyue Elementary School: 13:40 - 14:40

So happy can share the music with kids at Jinsyue Elementary School! Thanks for the principle Zhou, he is so passionate to help with us, and thanks for the certificate of event in Jinsyue! Kids are smart that they remember all the steps!!  很高興能夠在進學國小跟小朋友們分享音樂,熱情的周校長特別為我們準備了證書,真的非常感謝校長的鼓勵及支持!! 小朋友記憶力怎麼都那麼好,每個題目都答對😆

June 26, 2018 Tainan Municipal Bo-ai Elementary School: 8:30-9:30

Thank you principal Chang for giving us chance to share the music with kids at Bo-ai Elementary School! Kids are so passionated and lively, they sing to us when we play the little star song!   感謝張校長給予我們機會在博愛國小演出!謝謝校長的支持~ 其中小朋友們都非常的熱情活潑可愛, 在演奏的過程中他們聽著我們拉的音樂不禁就唱起歌來了!

June 26, 2017 Yong-Fu Elementary School (永福國小): 9:30am

Everyone is interested in cello. They are curious about the difference between a cello and a double bass!!! 孩子們很好奇大提琴與低音大提琴之間有什麼不同!

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