Leadership Team

Meet the "Back to BACH" leaders that make it happen!

Executive Committee

Lee_Noah 20.JPG

Noah Lee

Founder and President

Soo Youn Lee

Chief Executive Officer


Jeremy Manning, Esq.

Secretary and Legal Counsel

Directors, Global Operations

Heather Hsun Chang.jpg

Planted: Northern Taiwan Region; Upper NYC

Overseeing: Current Leave of Absence

Director, Global Operations - L

Chang, Heather

Planted: College Park, MD

Overseeing: Montgomery County, MD;College Park, MD;  Seattle, WA

Director, Global Operations

Cho, Nicolette

Planted: Pending

Overseeing Upper NYC; San Diego, CA

Director, Global Operations

Cohen, Yael

Planted: Davis, CA & Providence, RI

Overseeing: Davis, CA; Providence, RI; Orange County, CA

Director, Global Operations

Lee, Andrew

Planted Howard County, MD

Overseeing Howard Co., MD; Nassau Co, NY; Northern VA

Director, Global Operations

Lee, Sharon

Planted: Toronto, Canada; Ottawa, Canada

Overseeing Winnipeg, Canada; Toronto, Canada; Ottawa, Canada

Director, Global Operations

Robert, David Liam

Planted:  Ithaca, NY

Overseeing:  Boston, MA; Ithaca, NY; Lower NYC

Director, Global Operations

Won, Michael

Planted: Houston, TX

Overseeing: Houston, TX; Austin, TX; Mercer County, NJ

Director, Global Operations

Yoo, Teddi

Planted: San Francisco Metropolitan

Overseeing: S.F. Metro; San Francisco, Alameda County

Director, Global Operations

Chang, Tia

Planted: Pending Allegheny County, PA

Overseeing: Allegheny County, PA; Central CT; Northern VA

Director, Global Operations

Choi, Elizabeth

Planted: Pending San Jose, CA

Overseeing: Baltimore, MD; Bergen County, NJ; San Jose, CA

Director, Global Operations

Kwon, Tracie

Planted Natick, MA; Washtenaw County, MI; Suffolk County, MA

Overseeing Natick, MA; Boston, MA, Washtenaw County, MI, Suffolk County, MA

Director, Global Operations

Lee, Noah

Planted: Chester County, PA; King of Prussia, PA; Delaware County, PA; Cleveland, OH; Calgary, Canada

Overseeing: Philadelphia, PA;  Chester County, PA; King of Prussia, PA; Delaware County, PA; Cleveland, OH; Calgary, Canada

Director, Global Operations

Lee, Sydney

Planted:  LA Metro, CA

Overseeing:  LA Metro, CA; Westchester Co, NY; Monmouth County, NJ

Director, Global Operations

Won, Isabel

Planted: Pending Hanover, NH

Overseeing: Hanover, NH;  Albany, NY; Burlington, VT

Director, Global Operations

Wu, Henry

Collaboration Managers


Section Manager: "Play on Philly"

Senior Collaboration Manager

Sydney Lee


Section Manager: Union City Music Project

Senior Collaboration Manager

Daniel Son


Opportunity Music Project

Section Manager

Heechan Ku

Regional Directors

Abigail Leong.png
CA, Alameda Co.

Abigail Leong, Director

Orange County.JPG
CA, Orange Co.

Albert Gang, Co-director

Ashley Chung, Co-director

Hannah Kim, Assoc. Dir.

SF Metro.JPG
CA, San Francisco Metro

Josephine Chen, Co-director

Pierce Wang, Co-director

Canada, Ottawa

Sam Nadurak, Co-director

Sophie van der Sloot, Co-director

Central CT.JPG
CT, Central

Sofia Gilchenok, Co-Dir

Ethan Chaves, Co-Dir.

MA, Boston

Isaac Sebenius, Director

Alyssa Kim, Assoc. Dir.

Isabelle Choi.jpg
MD, Baltimore

Isabelle Choi, Director

Alon Hayut.jpg
MI, Washtenaw

Alon Hayut, Director

NJ, Bergen Co. Dance

Karis Cho, Director

Yan Sisters.jpg
NJ, Monmouth 

Audrey Yan, Co-director

Sydney Yan, Co-director

NY, NYC, Lower

Jessica Hong, Co-director

Lucas Amory, Co-director

OH, Cleveland

Zubin Hathi, Director

Madalyn Sadler.jpg
PA, King of Prussia

Madalyn Sadler, Director

Poland, Warsaw

Basia Wislocka, Director

TX, Austin

Natalie Tobita, Director

Tiffany Tobita, Assoc. Dir.

VT, Burlington

Nathan Wu, Director

CA, Davis

TBD, Director

CA, San Diego

Albert Hwang, Co-director

Megan Peng, Co-director

Edward Jung.png
CA, San Jose

Edward Jung, Director

Canada, Toronto

David Liam Roberts, Director

CT, Southern

Liv Bobby, Director

Anna Choi.jpg
MA, Natick

Anna Choi, Director

MD, Howard Co.

Hyungjoo Han, Director

NH, Hanover

, Director

NJ, Bergen Co. Visual Arts

Katie Paik, Director

NY, Nassau Co.

Sophia Su, Director

Spencer Rubin, Assoc. RD

NY, NYC, Upper

Annett Ho, Co-director

Thomas Lim, Co-director

PA, Chester Co.

Emma Lo, Director

PA, Philadelphia

Sofia Gilchenok, Director

Ramsey Reyes, Assoc. Director

Taiwan, Northern

Maggie Pai, Director

TX, Houston

Sanne Christensen, Dir.

Ayane Nakajima, Assoc.

WA, Seattle

TBD, Director

CA, LA Metro

Sein Yun, Director

Tyng Chang_ Tia.JPG
CA, San Francisco

Tia Chang, Director

Luka Coetzee.jpg
Canada, Calgary

Luka Coetzee, Director

Canada, Winnipeg

Elisheva Schwartz, Director

Yoav Hayut.jpg
IN, Bloomington

Yoav Hayut, Director

MA, Suffolk Co.

Julian Rhee, Director

MD, Montgomery Co.

Eliza Henne, Director

NJ, Bergen Co.

Enrique Rodrigues, Co-director

Eilene Lee, Co-director

Henri Yoon, Assoc. Dir.

NJ, Mercer Co.

Joanne Lin, Co-director

Veronica Li, Co-director

Yash Ram Pazhianur, Assoc. Director

NY, Suffolk Co.

Joshua Cai, Director

NY, Westchester Co.

Sean Yu, Director

Katelyn Moon, Assoc. Dir.

Delaware County.jpg
PA, Delaware Co.

Cece Olszewski, Co-director

Aida Ruan, Co-director

Poland, Southern

Katarzyna Gabrys, Director

Taiwan, Southern

Fiona Wu, Director

Ping Sheng Lin, Assoc. Dir.

Virginia, North

Shing Gao, Director

Brittany Peng, Assoc. Dir.

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