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My name is Noah Lee and I am a cellist/musician from New Jersey. During the many years of playing the cello I have experienced comfort, peace, compassion and immeasurable joy through music. Music has brought me to places all over the world. I have met the most tremendous, awe-inspiring people in my travels and made some amazing friends along the way, some of whom have joined me in the Back to Bach Project.

The Back to Bach Project consists of young outstanding classical musicians and artists. Many of us have won prizes on the national, as well as international levels. We volunteer our time to visit elementary schools, libraries and community centers, to share a love of making music and the arts that cannot be contained!

I found that many young children did not take the opportunity to engage in music or the arts when it was offered in elementary school. I couldn’t understand why! Then I realized that many kids were not exposed to classical music, let alone know that certain instruments existed. That’s where we come in! If my friends and I could show them how much fun it actually is to play music, it might spark a curiosity, an interest or even a passion! Then the sky’s the limit! We want to foster excitement and passion in children by encouraging them to work hard and chase their dreams!

Feel free to contact us. We are always eager to receive any questions or suggestions.  Thank you for stopping by.

Noah Lee
Founder and President

The "Back to BACH" Project

The “Back to BACH” Project was launched in October 2014 with 3 members in Northern New Jersey. With our instruments and a dream, we presented our first program at Heights Elementary School in Oakland, NJ, hoping that Principal Ciambra would like us enough to invite us back. It turns out, not only did she invite us again, she contacted the principals in all of the neighboring elementary schools to invite us as well!

"Back to BACH is such a talented group of students, but their talent is not the sum total of their beings; they are gifted with humanity. During my brief time working with them at The Juilliard School and their leader Noah Lee, I was so impressed by their sheer musical virtuosity and ability to collaborate! I am so thankful to this organization and honored that we have forged a partnership between them and Don't Miss A Beat, and look forward to more opportunities that highlight the mutual admiration between both of these organizations.

The City of Jacksonville should really take advantage of this great ensemble, and utilize their talent, and desire to share it and their love for education and outreach during their time in the city."

-Ulysses Owens Jr.

Artistic Director, "Don't Miss A Beat"

Professor, The Juilliard School

Introduction Video to the "Back to BACH" Project

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