Do you have a love of music that cannot be contained?

The “Back to BACH” Project provides an opportunity for you to use your musical and artistic talents to inspire young children and to show them the value of hard work and passion! It will be extremely rewarding considering the huge impact an arts education has on a person’s life.

You will have the power to EMPOWER!

Additionally, you will acquire fantastic experience in performing as well as public speaking. No experience in public speaking is necessary, you just need lots of energy and enthusiasm!

If this is something you would be interested in, contact us at:

We have become more determined with our mission to inspire young children with each elementary school we visit. The children we hope to inspire, in turn, inspire us with their enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination! Every child deserves to experience the magic of music by unleashing their creative spirit. We will continue to grow until every child’s imagination has had the opportunity to thrive and grow through music!


Help Support Us!


1. Spread the word about what we do and recommend us to schools and organizations in any of our regions. 


2. Connect us to talented students who are passionate about music!

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