About Us:

The Back to BACH Project is a global initiative to inspire and encourage young school children to learn musical instruments and to instill a love of music in them. It was launched in October of 2014 in Northern New Jersey, and since then we have expanded to multiple sites across the United States, Canada and Taiwan. We have become more determined with our mission to inspire young children with each elementary school, library and community center we visit. The children we hope to inspire actually inspire us with their enthusiasm, curiosity, and imagination! Every child deserves to experience the magic of music by unleashing their creative spirit! Music teaches so many skills we need to succeed in all areas in life — self discipline, tolerance, teamwork, and creativity. There are also numerous studies that show music positively affects academic learning. But aside from all the statistics, there is something indescribably beautiful and magical about making music that will enrich children's lives like nothing else will. On that note, we will continue to grow until every child's imagination has had the opportunity to thrive and grow through music! 


Please look at our member directory for a complete listing of our members.   



                                                                             -The "Back to BACH" Project



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